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Ninja 250R



Why Rent?

Let's compare the cost of bringing your 600cc Super Stock class bike out to the track to run competively for the weekend vs. being a FACTORY RIDER (!) on one of our Ninja 250R rockets. We think you'll agree that our program gives you lots of track time and close handlebar-to-handlebar racing on the CHEAP!


600cc Racebike vs RaceBikeRentals Ninja 250R Cost Comparison for Saturday Practice and Sunday Races

Assuming equal costs for various items such as practice fee, race entry fee, transponder, gate fee, etc.


600 Super Stock Costs


RaceBikeRentals Ninja 250R Rental

Latest Dunlop smoke & mirrors race tires - $400


Arrive & ride Ninja 250 - $500

10 gallons race fuel - $160


6 gallons of gas for your girlfriend's car - $30

20 gallons of gas for your gas guzzler tow rig - $100


Cold beverages - Free!

Wear and tear on your bike - $300



Capital investment amortized - $200


Total: $530

Cold beverages - $20


You save $650 per weekend

Air for your fancy tires - OK, free





Reserve Now!

Total: $1,180









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